Project Location

Shenyang, China

Project Type

5-star SPA Hotel and Resort

Scope Of Work

A 30,000 square meter luxury SPA Hotel and Resort boasting 200 Guestrooms, VIP SPA Facilities, Private Theatre Lounge, and indoor Wave Pool.

Project Description

In the footsteps of Mother Nature, that’s where our journey begins.

Our inspiration for the spa derives from nature—the natural environment interpreted into a luxurious surrounding. The search for tranquil hot springs, caves, rocks, and formations are accompanied with the healing blue waters and the precious gem stones deep within. The precious healing stones of the aquamarine, the amethyst, and the citrine become the focus of the spa and the journey begins…

The indulgent interiors of the spa incorporate beauty, health and wellness that are organic and luxurious. The extraordinary 30,000 square meter spa is breathtaking with its delicate combination of rich dark wood floors, hand-carved wood panels, lavish draping, and floors tiled with recycled leather belts.

Our style of a modern luxury spa embraces the beautiful colors of the precious amethyst stone and showcases nature, from rocks to water falls, in an elegant sophisticated setting.

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