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Scope Of Work

Redevelopment of a 200 seat casual Japanese/ fusion restaurant.

Project Description

Asian-Fusion cuisine is an artistry emphasizing cultural diversity in a tangible form.

We live in a world where the duality of yin and yang is significant for our existence. Whether it is trying to find peace among all the chaos in the world, or the need of balance correlating to day and night, life wouldn’t be in existence without one or the other; without chaos, we wouldn’t know peace. For thousands of years, this ancient scheme was used to describe the relationships between everything in nature and in life. We take the fivefold concept of “mutual generating” and illustrate a modern story about the circle of life.

Atwater Inc.’s design approach strives to embrace the five elements. Out of the interplay of ying and yang, derive the five manifestations of chi: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. The restaurant becomes a stage showcasing each of these elements in harmony. Each piece of furniture, material, and color has been meticulously selected in this space to symbolize the importance of coexistence and the continuous cycle of life. Corresponding to each of the five elements, a feature chandelier illuminated with strands of crystals representing water and metal in its purest form, the warmth emanating from the glow of a heat source signifying fire, a waterlog platform signifying wood. Together these elements signify earth, the ying and yang, creating a harmonious ambience for the guests to experience.

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