Project Location

Nashville, Tennessee

Project Type

3-star Mid-Scale Hospitality

Scope Of Work

A new hotel development in the heart of Downtown Nashville, boasting 200+ guestrooms, lobby, restaurant, with 2,000 square-feet of meeting facilities.

Project Description

This is not your typical Holiday Inn. The story begins in a town called Nashville.

Nashville is filled with inspirations. Whether you are a music admirer, food lover, football fan, or college student, Nashville has something to offer. From Country Music Hall of Fame, to honky-tonk bars, to “down-home” Southern cooking, to the Titans, Nashville doesn’t cease to surprise.

These seemingly unrelated facets of Nashville are rooted from the unspoken qualities of the town: free-spirited attitude, profound love for life, and dream chasing that’s constantly calling for new journeys and adventures.

Our design of the Holiday Inn Hotel aims to capture youth, passion and freedom in a unique Nashville setting, offering samplers of local culture, history, and achievements.

A clean color pallet set the tone for this modern and youthful hotel, featuring simple and tasteful furniture, along with fun and energetic decorations. We sprinkle thoughtful touches of histories – celebrating the famous, as well as the yet-to-be-discovered side of the city – through many spaces of the hotel.

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