Project Location

Missoula, Montana

Project Type


Scope Of Work

Renovation of 170 hotel guest rooms and suits, lobby and restaurant, ballroom, outdoor deck area.

Project Description

Missoula, taken from a Salish Indian word meaning “near the cold, chilling waters”, nestled in the Northern Rockies of Montana, surrounded by seven wilderness areas and at the confluence of three rivers, Missoula is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

Among all the fun ways to enjoy this precious gift of nature, Missoula is well known for its blue-ribbon trout fishing. Our design complements the spectacular natural beauty, while telling the stories of the outdoor enthusiasts, their thrills and braveness.

Besides the limitless outdoor recreations, Missoula has an intriguing history. Especially, the establishment of the Fort Missoula and the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railway in the late 1800s. The success in trading produce, grain and lumber brought rapid growth to the city.

The University of Montana was founded in the same era. We salute the history through our design, honoring the ancient settlers and their historic outlooks of this beautiful town.

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