Project Location

Calgary, Canada

Project Type

A 4-star Upscale Hotel and Convention Center

Scope Of Work

A new development of a Hilton Hotel and Convention Center boasting  200 rooms and suites, lobby, Restaurants and Conference Center facilities.

Project Description

Located only an hour drive from the Majestic Rocky Mountains and Spectacular National Parks lies Calgary; A Prarie City filled with happy, friendly people, an overflow of sunshine, an abundance of outdoor adventures, a vibrant Culture and a Metropolitan City.

As one of the most live able and cleanest Cities in the world Calgary’s vast landscape and breathtaking views combined with sleek and contemporary Skyscrapers sets the backdrop for a magnificent Hotel.

Our inspiration and aim is to merry the glass and steel of the city with the wood and vast landscape that surrounds it. To create an urban sophisticated International Hotel set within a vibrant expanding Culture and scenic beauty.

The colors of the ever changing four seasons, the warm, dry, gusty westerly winds from the Chinook

(The Snow eater) the heart of the City; the meandering Bow River all become elements in the new property that will showcase Calgary at its best. A nod to the history of the city from Natives to the discovery of Oil, Olympics and the Stampede will be featured as elements and a sense of space throughout the property.

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