Our Story

Established by leading designers in the Hospitality Industry, Atwater Inc. is a creative studio with a Domestic and International client base. We take pride in being a Boutique design studio, committed to providing the knowledge and innovation to carry out our clients’ distinct visions to the fullest potential, often with a green philosophy at the core.

While Luxury is about indulgence and comfort, our designs also reflect livability and practicality; a reprieved necessity for modern lives at a rapid pace. All interiors, whether a luxury residence or a 5-star hotel, are tailor-made to the client’s desires, taking all aspects into consideration. Our ability to integrate the individual needs of our Luxury client, while offering complete design and documentation, purchasing, project coordination, and encompassing all aspects of the project, is our firm commitment.

Our Team

Stina Funch

Co-Founder / President & Creative Director

With more than a decade of experience in the hospitality design field, Stina serves as the Creative Director of all the hotels designed by Atwater Inc. Studio. Her experience covers a broad range of projects that span the globe. Stina takes projects from initial development through final execution.

Whether working directly with clients, contractors, or other members of the team, Stina brings an energy that elevates the objective and facilitates accomplishment. Stina’s insight and sensitivity to the business culture of the US market, as well as the international market, allows Stina and her team to span the globe of hospitability and residential projects.

Sherif Rayes

Co-Founder / VP Business Development

Sherif brings decades of luxury hospitality leadership experience in Sales, management and Hotel operations to Atwater Inc. He brings vitality, professionalism and warmth, and a mindset of service and advocacy to his work with clients and coworkers of Atwater.

He leads sales and marketing, business development and project management for the firm and is responsible for implementing the management systems that enable the project reporting that result in success. He is leading the company to developing a new vision and to defining sensible luxury in the hotel marketplace.

Ohlisa Gutierrez

Director Of Planning

Director of planning at Atwater Inc. Ohlisa has an extensive background in developing unique, complex and high-profile projects for well-known hospitality clients and boutique properties worldwide. Ohlisa approaches each project by creating a unique design narrative which evolves throughout the process to serve as the foundation of the final design solution. She is cognizant of the brand’s overall position in the market and works to generate an innovative design product for the intended target.

Ohlisa is responsible for every facet of hotel design ranging from programming, space planning, working drawings, documentation, on-site coordination, and project review, all from start-up to project completion.

Ivena Ong

Senior Project Designer

Ivena Ong is our Senior Project Designer with more than 18 years of experience in the hospitality and luxury residential design. Ivena’s award winning portfolio spans the globe and a wide range of projects including Hotels, luxury spas, residential, branding and furnishings. She has a great sensibility and wonderful sense of balance and sophistication.

As part of the Atwater team, she brings value and freshness and creates life enhancing environments with a commitment to sustainability and authenticity in materials.

Mayra Villalta

Senior Designer

Senior Designer with Atwater Inc. Studio has 10+ year experience in the hospitality and luxury residential design industry. Contributing a design aesthetic which brings a level of creativity and originality to each project that embodies a universal yet approachable design. Her portfolio consists of distinguished nationally and internationally hotel properties along with extensive knowledge in working with all levels of hotel brands.

Mayra brings to the table a passion for a well versed conceptual design narrative and FF& E development. Her extensive and refined training in material selection and specifications allows each project to end with a beautiful well-crafted interior. Mayra is a firm believer that good design is to be experienced and that it should transcend barriers for all.

Our Clients